About the Convention

What is a BookCrossing Convention?

An international Convention is held every year on the anniversary of BookCrossing first coming to life, and the event attracts BookCrossers from around the world.

It is an opportunity for the attendees to share their love of books and meet up with friends old and new, with a range of exciting book related activities thrown in, as well as an introduction to the local culture of the host city.

Since 2004, the Convention has been hosted by the following cities/countries, with links to the respective websites where available:

  • St. Louis, MO (2004)
  • Fort Worth, TX (2005)
  • Toronto, Canada (2006)
  • Charleston, SC (2007)
  • London, UK (2008)
  • Christchurch, New Zealand (2009)
  • Amsterdam,  the Netherlands (2010)
  • Washington, DC (2011)
  • Dublin, Irland (2012)
  • Gothenburg, Sweden (2013)
  • Melbourne, Australia (2014)
  • Oxford, UK (2015)
  • Athens, Greece (2016)
  • Oslo, Norway (2017)

Conventions coming up:

  • Bordeaux, France (2018)
  • Mainz, Germany (2019)

What Happens at The Convention?

The Convention traditionally takes place over a long weekend in April, from registration on Friday afternoon to the traditional closing with a release walk at lunchtime on Sunday. With some attendees travelling halfway round the world, there are usually events for ‘early birds’ from the Thursday or before and for ‘hangers on’ beyond Sunday in addition to other optional events during the weekend.

Sharing books is one of the key themes of any BookCrossing event and the Convention allows people to do this in abundance via bookswap games, Not So Secret (secret santa style) parcel swaps, gifts for other attendees, release events and a massive book buffet table (or often a whole room full of them).

Author talks are arranged, allowing BookCrossers to meet the writers of some of their favourite works, or learn more about authors whose books they haven’t tried before. Often the authors will have links to the host city and they are always supporters of the BookCrossing movement.

In addition there are many other activities including competitions and quizzes, with a number of unique events to each Convention along the way.

And last but not least, there’s the all important chance to meet other BookCrossers – some of whom may be old faces and others who may have only been ‘met’ online in the past.

The international Convention is a fantastic social event for anyone with a love of books – and if you’ve read this far, then we hope to see you in Oslo in 2017!

(The text above is based on a text posted for the Oxford convention, with a few updates. Reuse of the text has been approved by the chair of the Oxford Convention Committee.)

(The photo in this post is from inside the inside of the Oslo Opera House.)


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