Who will be there?

This page will be updated with the BookCrossing names of attendees.

Last updated: 20/04/2017

As of this date there are 125 participants (including 6 children and 3 helpers) from 18 countries. There are still a couple of spaces left due to cancellations. Please contact us if you want to come or have any questions.

Attendees List

 Nickname / Name  Country  Registration  Form  Payments  made
 666Izzy  UK  ♦ (op)  1075-ok
 Aaltsje  Netherlands  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 alexotanil  Greece  ♦ (ap)  1125-ok
 allogenes  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Andromeda78  UK  ♦ (eb)  650-ok
 ApoloniaX  Nepal  ♦ (eb)  875-ok
 Appelsiini  Finland  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 Ardik  Germany  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 Azuki  USA  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 Macaufan (Mr. Azuki)  USA  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 BAMP  Sweden  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Henrik (Mr. BAMP)  Sweden  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Bookgirrl  Canada  ♦ (eb)  1000-ok
 DonFiction (Mr. Bookgirrl)  Canada  ♦ (eb)  1100-ok
 brezova  Belgium  ♦ (op)
 calisson  Germany  ♦ (ap)  1000-ok
 Cassiopaeia  UK  ♦ (eb)  1075-ok
 CathrineB  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 chawoso  Germany  ♦ (op)  975-ok
 Cineff  Greece  ♦ (ap)  750-ok
 coco7  Germany  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 MoistvonLipwig (Mr. coco7)  Germany  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 coco7 junior 1  Germany  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 coco7 junior 2  Germany  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 corriganjc  Norway  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 DEESSE  France  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 Stéphane (Mr. DEESSE)  France  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 Diane-Fraser  UK  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 diegoerelebt  Germany  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 Diotallevi  Germany  ♦ (eb)  1075-ok
 dracessa  Germany  ♦ (eb)  900-ok
 d-vineland  Germany  ♦ (eb)  820-ok
 earthcaroleanne  UK  ♦ (ap)  1125-ok
 elis-fromSweden  Sweden  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 Tobb (Mr. elis-fromSweden)  Sweden  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 elis-fromSweden junior 1  Sweden  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 elis-fromSweden junior 2  Sweden  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 Emvivi  Sweden  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Enitnaj  Netherlands  ♦ (ap  750-ok
 faerie-glen  Germany  ♦ (op)  900-0k
 Oliver (Mr. faerie-glen)  Germany  ♦ (op)  900-ok
 Faizy  France  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 feltre  Greece  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Fifna  Netherlands  ♦ (ap)  750-ok
 FraukeRo  Germany  ♦ (op)  975-ok
 Gerhardine  Germany  ♦ (eb)  630-ok
 Ghanescha  Austria  ♦ (op)  1075-ok
 Gizmopuddy  Ireland  ♦ (op)  650-ok
 Goldenwattle  Australia  ♦ (op)  900-ok
 Graabein  Norway  ♦ (ap)  500-ok
 Haugtussa  Norway  ♦ (eb)   450-ok
 havelblume  Germany  ♦ (op)  625-ok
 hesse-maus  Germany  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 hingrald  Sweden  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 Åke (Mr. hingrald)  Sweden  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 indiegirl-de  Germany  ♦ (eb)  450
 janna2  Netherlands  ♦ (ap)  750-ok
 Jannike  Norway  ♦ (ap)  500-ok
 jemlire  France  ♦ (op)  925-ok
 Jishka  Germany  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Gaschd (Mr. Jishka)  Germany  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Krissa33  France  ♦ (ap)  775-ok
 lamelemon  Romania  ♦ (op)  1200-ok
 LeishaCamden  Norway  ♦ (ap)  500-ok
 LeishaCamden helper  Norway  ♦ (ap)  0-ok
 Lesenmachtfroh  Germany  ♦ (eb)  1065-ok
 lii5a  Finland  ♦ (op)  650-ok
 Lilith89  Sweden  ♦ (eb)  525-ok
 Drosophilist (Mr. Lilith89)  Sweden  ♦ (eb)  525-ok
 Lillibeth  Norway  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 lunacia  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 manuma  Switzerland  ♦ (eb)  875-ok
 maria-gr  UK  ♦ (ap)  1025-ok
 Marsala  Norway  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 MÉDICOSALEGRETE  Brasil  ♦ (ap)  625-ok
 Mrs. MÉDICOSALEGRETE  Brasil  ♦ (eb)  625-ok
 melydia  USA  ♦ (ap)  1125-ok
 MetteLind  Norway  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 MissMarkey  UK  ♦ (ap)  1050-ok
 MLA  Norway  ♦ (ap)  500-ok
 Moem  Netherlands  ♦ (f)  0 (free ticket)-ok
 Nalle42  Sweden  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Nordpirat  Sweden  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 oehoeboeroe  Netherlands  ♦ (ap)  750-ok
 olagorie  Germany  ♦ (eb)  900-ok
 OldVulture  Germany  ♦ (op)  925-ok
 Simon (Mr. OldVulture)  Germany  ♦ (op)  825-ok
 over-the-moon  Switzerland  ♦ (ap)  580-ok
 Panzeranzi  Sweden  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Paws4Books  UK  ♦ (eb)  650-ok
 Pierre42  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Poodlesister  UK  ♦ (op)  1275-ok
 puskailves  Finland  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 qucumber  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 qued  Germany  ♦ (ap)  800-ok
 rahar109  UK  ♦ (ap)  950-ok
 regni  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Rochester74  Germany  ♦ (op)  900-ok
 Romney  Australia  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Simon (Mr. Romney)  Australia  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Romney junior 1  Australia  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Romney junior 2  Australia  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 sakirmo  Finland  ♦ (eb)  450-ok
 shnedwards  UK  ♦ (eb)  900-ok
 Robbie-Rabble (Mr. shnedwards)  UK  ♦ (eb)  800-ok
 NubiaLion (shnedwards junior)  UK  ♦ (f)  180-ok
 SiriMI  Norway  ♦ (eb)  525-ok
 Skyfire20  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 sota48  Norway  ♦ (ap)  800-ok
 sota48 helper 1  Norway  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 sota48 helper 2  Norway  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 sota48 junior 1  Norway  ♦ (f)  0-ok
 Stab92  Sweden  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 sumako  Finland  ♦ (op)
 Tanumine  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 tarya  Finland  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 teachie  UK  ♦ (f)  380-ok
 John (Mr. teachie)  UK  ♦ (ap)  780-ok
 travelina  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Veversken  Norway  ♦ (ap)  400-ok
 Viscum  Sweden  ♦ (op)  550-ok
 wildwolverine  Norway  (eb)  450-ok
 windhexe  Germany  ♦ (ap)  1050-ok
 Xarodoc  Germany  ♦ op)  1275-ok
 YogiSchoko  Germany  ♦ op)  625-ok
 zimort  Norway  ♦ (ap)  625-ok

(ap=athens convention price NOK 400 for the convention ticket) (eb=early bird price NOK 450 for the convention ticket) (op=ordinary price NOK 550 for the convention ticket)


This page contains a list of the attendees. It is updated manually by the committee, so there may be a delay before your name appears. As with everything done manually, there may be some typing errors.

If you have completed payment several days before the last update and do not see your name on the list, please do feel free to contact us and we can check that your payment has gone through OK.

Clicking on any BookCrosser’s name will take you to their bookshelf on the main BookCrossing website. Names are listed alphabetically and include the home country of the attendee (where know


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