Not So Secret (NSS) gift giving

NSS is a BookCrossing tradition which involves interested BookCrossers being allocated another person to prepare a gift for. The gift can be as fancy or as simple as you wish, with the only stipulation being that it must include at least one book and one additional item. The book can be new or old, as long as it has been registered with the BookCrossing site. This will allow the recipient to sign in to BookCrossing and make a journal entry showing they have received the book or books that you have gifted to them.
As the parcel includes a BookCrossing registered book, the recipient will find out who prepared their parcel when they make their first journal entry. As a result the gift giving is Not So Secret. Additional items included are often sweets, chocolates, or items from the giver’s home country or town.

In order to take part in the NSS you need to be registered on the main BookCrossing website and have a wishlist of books on that site by the NSS registration closing date of 11th March. You will also need to register for the NSS [registration closed]. Shortly after the closing date of 11th March, you will be contacted by email with details of who to gift to. When you have put together your parcel you will need to wrap each item, then just bring the parcel along to Convention and leave it on the dedicated NSS table. The final step is to look out for the gift that has been left for you, open it, and enjoy!

The closing date for registering to take part was 11th March 2017.



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