Translated Norwegian Literature

Inspired by or preparing for the convention in Oslo, why not read some literature by Norwegian authors?

For inspiration, visit Flickr to see all book covers of Norwegian books translated through translation grants from NORLA or The Nordic Council of Ministers from 2011 to 2015 (the 2016 covers are not posted yet).

All sets:

You can also go directly to your language.

If we have not included your language on the list, please look for it in this list of tags. There you can also search for a certain author.

An extensive database of Norwegian literature in translation is available here.

The database is operated by the National Library of Norway, and has been developed in cooperation with NORLA.

Flickr group for the convention

We have also created a group for the Convention on Flickr – – where you can share your photos in connection with the convention in Oslo. In front of the convention we will post some photos from Oslo and the rest of Norway for travel inspiration. Feel free to share your bookcrossing photos with the group as well. Please join the group if you are on flickr:-)


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