Early Arrivals mingling and dinner on Thursday

Between 17:00 and 19:00(*) there will be Early Arrivals mingling and helping out at the Venue at Markus Menighetshus, Schwensens gate 15, St. Hanshaugen for those that are interested. It will also be possible to deposit books for the book buffet.

(*) If you come directly to dinner at Heim St. Hanshaugen, we can also arrange to go by the venue to drop of books.

Dinner at Heim St. Hanshaugen

Thursday evening at 19:00 there will be dinner at Heim St. Hanshaugen for Early Arrivals. The address is Collets gate 33, and it is a five minutes walk from our venue.  We have also put up a second time slot at 20:30 in case people are arriving late, or prefer a longer break between the sightseeing and meeting up for dinner. Expected return from the sightseeing is 17:00 – 17:30 in front of the City Hall.

Heim is a gastropub. The menu changes according to season. There will be both meat, fish and vegetarian dishes on the menu. You can take a look at the current menu here to get an idea (choose “Se menyen”, and you will see the menu in both Norwegian and English).


To get to the venue and the restaurant by public transportation

To find the most efficient way to get somewhere by public transportation in Oslo and surrounding, search at https://ruter.no/en/

To go to the venue, use the address Schwensens gate 15 (Oslo). To go to Heim St.Hanshaugen, use the address Collets gate 33 (Oslo).


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