Third Newsletter for BookCrossing Convention Oslo

75 days – 11 weeks – to go:-)

The Oslo Pass – is it worth it?

You can buy the Oslo Pass from Visit Oslo. The prices for adults are 24 hours: 395 NOK (≈ 45 EUR), 48 hours: 595 NOK (≈ 67 EUR), 72 hours: 745 NOK (≈ 84 EUR). However, we believe in most cases you will be better off paying for each museum etc. , especially if you participate in the tours we have set up as those are already paid for, and just want to go to a few extra museums.

instagramcapture_7ca21867-042c-4df4-b2d4-0b54c855019bThere are also museums and attractions that you can visit for free.  In addition to those mentioned, the 22 July Center also has free admission, and at the national gallery tickets are free on Thursdays.

Museums in Oslo


Public Transportation in Oslo


See: Public Transportation in Oslo

Also see our article about getting to Oslo from the airport.

See Oslo in 3 Minutes:


7 thoughts on “Third Newsletter for BookCrossing Convention Oslo”

    1. Thanks for asking, coco7. This was more complicated than I was aware of, when it comes to the 7-day ticket.

      I thought there were paper tickets available as well, but I called ruter, and it’s not for the 7-day ticket and 30-days ticket. There are only paper tickets available for the 24 hours ticket and the single ticket.

      The 7-days ticket can only be bought on a travel card or the app on your phone. From september 2016 you have to pay NOK 50 for the travel card, and I was not aware of this.

      As you need to buy a travelcard if you don’t have the app, the cost of the 7-days card will in practice be NOK 50 higher than I first said. I update/correct the information in the article.


      1. Thank you so much for clarifying and even calling ruter!

        Some more helpful information I found on the website:
        Group tickets on travelcards
        You can have tickets for an entire group on one travelcard. Note that you must travel together so that everyone can present a valid ticket in the event of a ticket inspection.
        You can buy group tickets at the ticket machines, in kiosks and at our service points. The group ticket is a collection of single tickets on one and the same travelcard. Note that when you validate the travelcard, all tickets will be activated at the same time.

        We are traveling as a family of 4, so it’s good to know we won’t need 4 travelcards as well.

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    1. We bought our 7-day-tickets at the airport yesterday. The website information seems to be wrong, we had to have them on 4 separate cards. But they didn’t charge for the cards, we just paid the ticket price.


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