Funky Fresh Foods – Saturday restaurant choice #5

Vegan kitchen. The menu includes fresh wraps, salates. sandwiches, burgers and tapas, as well as smoothies, juices, milkshakes, coffees, wine and beer. The desserts are gluten-free – and often sugar free as well.

The cafe is located in the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture, in a nice location overlooking the Akerselva River.  The address is Hausmanns gate 16, approx. 17 minutes to walk from our venue (directions).

See the location of the restaurant at the convention map (the map is still to be further updated):

The restaurant website (mostly in Norwegian, but the menu is in English):


For those of you staying at Anker Hotel and Anker Hostel: The tall building in grey and yellow you can see in the background (top middle of the photo) is the Anker Hotel. To the left of that around the corner is the Anker Hostel. I still think it is valid to say that the hostel is in a not so charming area, but as you can see around the corner it looks much better. And a significant pluss in addition to the prices is that the Anker Hotel and Anker Hostel is very close to the city center. (Please note that Anker Apartment is not in the same place, I have marked it so that you can see on the map.)


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