Here is the basic convention program. The purpose at this time is to give you an indication of what the convention will contain and timing. It is subject to additions and changes. 

Thursday April 20th 2017
09:30 Tour of Oslo for Early Arrivals (Separate Registration and Payment – 2 spaces left)
17:00 Early Arrivals mingling and helping out at the Venue
19:00/20:30 Early Arrivals Dinner at Heim St.Hanshaugen

Friday April 21st 2017
09:30 Setting up in the Markus Menighetshus
11:00 Visit Ibsen museum first option (Separate Registration and Payment – 2 spaces left)
13:30 Discover Harry Hole’s Oslo – guided walk (Fully booked)
15:30 Registration opens
15:30 Start of Ice Breaker Games
15:30 Raffle and Supply Store opens
16:30 Waffle Party
17:30 Official Welcome
17:30 Entertainment – Norwegian Folk Music (Hardanger fiddle)
19:00 Buffet Meal
21:00 Craft Beers Enthusiasts Meet-up
22:00 Close of Events

Saturday April 22nd 2017
09:00 Registration opens
09:00 Raffle and Supply Store opens
09:30 Morning Coffee
09:45 Welcome and Notices
10:00 Guest Author – Stian Hole
11:00 Guest Author – Nora Lindblad
12:30 Lunch Break
14:30 Guest Author – Siri Pettersen
16:00 Raffle closes
16:00 Presentation Bordeaux Convention 2018 and Bids for 2019
16:30 Raffle Draw and Presentation of Prizes
18:30 Gather to go to Meal Venues at 19:00

Sunday April 23rd 2017
09:30 Bagging up of Books for the Release Walk
10:30 Gather to take Group Photo
10:45 Release Walk
12:15 Flashmob
14:00 Visit Ibsen museum second option (Fully booked)


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