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Convention Book Releases

A BookCrossing Zone has been created for the Oslo Convention. This allows attendees to prepare the books they wish to bring with them for release at the event, particularly those to be added to the book buffet tables.

If you would like to prepare books for release at the Convention you can release them here.

Screen Shot 06-16-15 at 11.13 PM

You can also have a look to see what books have been released to the Oslo 2017 release zone.

We have also created OsloBC2017 as a BookCrossing member:

Happy book releasing!

Convention Bookplate

A very special bookplate with the skiing ballycumber has been designed for the International Anniversary Convention 2017 in Norway. Check it out and order in the Supply Store at (among the featured bookplates). It is available in English and Norwegian version.

If you can’t come – sending books to the convention

You can send books to the convention. They will be journaled by OsloBC2017 bookshelf so you’ll know they have arrived and later on released at the convention. This method is also available to you if you are coming to the convention but want to travel light.

Please contact us by using our contact form or by sending a PM to OsloBC2017 to get a current address to send to.

Book Buffet Tables

In addition to the big pile of books of all kinds, we will reserve special spots for the following:

  • Books of Norwegian and Scandinavian authors translated to English and other languages
  • Books in Scandinavian languages
  • Books in other languages than English and Scandinavian
  • «1001 books to read before you die»-books
  • Favorite books – preferably with a note saying why it is one of your favorite books

In addition there will be designated tables for:

  • Not So Secret
  • Gift Table – Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness (RABCK)

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