Public Transportation in Oslo

Your public transportation guide is Get directions for how to reach your destination within Oslo and the Oslo area (Akershus), including also the Oslo Airport (Gardermoen). You can also download this app to buy your ticket, and download this app to get directions . Please note that your phone must be online when buying the ticket in the app. The phone must also be online for a ticket inspection, if today’s picture and control code have not already been downloaded locally to your mobile phone.

The closes bus stop to our venue if you come from the city center (Oslo Central Station) is called St.Hanshaugen (bus 37).

Also see our article about getting to Oslo from the airport and City Bikes in Oslo.


If you plan to use public transportation in Oslo, and will use it more than 3 days, we would recommend you to buy a 7-days ticket for Oslo (zone 1) (NOK 240 pluss NOK 50 for the travel card you need to buy a 7-days ticket if you don’t buy the ticket in the ruter app downloaded to your phone. The 7-days ticket will allow you to travel unlimited on trains, buses, trams, metro within zone 1 Oslo for one week. For instance between Oslo Central Station in the city center and the venue you can take bus 37, which leaves every 7-8 minute or less at daytime.

For some of you, buying 24-hours tickets and single trip tickets instead could be a good option. 24-hour tickets and single trip tickets can be bought as paper tickets, so that you don’t have to pay the extra NOK 50 for the travel card. 24-hour tickets and single trip tickets can also be bought at ticket machines. We recommend not to buy the tickets onboard the bus etc., as that will normally cost you NOK 22 extra.

Single ticket vs. 24-hours tickets: If you are planning to do 3 or more trips in 24 hours, a 24 hour ticket is recommended (which is valid for 24 hours from the moment you activate the ticket and you can travel as much as you like for 24 hours).

At the airport you can buy the ticket at the 7-Eleven kiosk or at the ruter service point, both in the Arrivals Hall. To get from the airport to the city center by public transportation you need to buy an add-on ticket which will cover zone 4 to 2, it costs NOK 60. You then need to take the NSB-train, not the airport express.

For other sales outlets to buy the tickets, find your nearest here.


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