Bookcrossing zones and little free libraries in Norway

A BookCrossing zone is situated at Oslo Central Station (OsloS) – our main train station, at the Oslo Visitors Centre. Easy to reach whether you live in Oslo, visit Oslo or is just passing by, changing trains here. 

If you start looking, there are several other bookcrossing zones and little free libraries around the country, as the map below shows. Probably there are more than those I have found. I hope for help updating the map with new places, making corrections and adding further photos to the map. Please make a comment to this post or e-mail to if you have anything to report. If you click on the frame-icon at the upper right corner of the map, you can see a bigger version of the map.

Yellow bookBookcrossing zones are pinned at the map with a yellow book.

Blue bookFree little libraries, bookswap shelves etc. are pinned at the map with a lilac book. At most of the places you are completely free to leave a book without taking a book, or to take a book without leaving a book. A few of the places expect you to leave another book if you take one. also have a map of Little Free Libraries, but only those that are registered with them, and who have asked to be placed on the map. As of August 2016 there are four in Norway, one in Tromsø (charter #43420), one in Namsos (charter #18942), one in Sandnes (charter #34845) and one in Slemdal, Oslo (charter #19254), but not included at the map.

Green benchThese places are more like the traditional libraries, seems not to accept that you do not return the book when you have read it. Included because they are cute little places.

Yellow bagWe have two places in Norway that have named themselves booktowns, Fjærland in the western part of Norway and Skagerak/Tvedestrand in southeast.

Yellow bedBook Hotel between the Book Town Skagerak/Tvedestrand and Risør with bookrelated interior.

CafeBook Cafes that don’t really have free books, but are bookrelated in some way, for instance having books to read on site, or selling books.

From some of the places I have asked those managing or persons that have been there to allow me to use their photos. A little photo gallery from some of the bookcrossing zones and little free libraries (click on one of the photos to start slideshow):

Correct location of the pins on the map

Often I do not have the exact location of the bookcrossing zones and little free libraries. Please report back if you know a more exact location. If you are trying to find a place, please also look at the written information and the address specified if any, and ask locals.


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