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Nora Lindblad – our third guest author

We are lucky to complement our group of invited authors with Nora Lindblad, a young Norwegian author who is in the start of her career. She is currently working on her first collection of short stories for the Norwegian publishing house Forlaget Oktober.


One of the short stories Nora has written has been translated to English, and she will read it to us.

The photo at the top of this article shows the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.


Traditional raffle

The traditional bookcrossing convention raffle will take place as usual.

We follow the American method as seen at the Oxford and Athens Conventions. Please write your name  on every ticket you purchase, plus the free ones you got by registration, break the strips of tickets up unto single tickets and post them into the box besides the prize(s) that you would most like to win. The raffle is drawn on Saturday afternoon at about 16:30. The Raffle will close at 16:00 to prepare.

The price of one ticket is NOK 5. The tickets will be sold in pairs, i.e. you can buy 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on. Prices:

  • 10 NOK – 2 tickets, 20 NOK – 4 tickets, 30 NOK – 6 tickets, 40 NOK – 8 tickets
  • 50 NOK – 12 tickets (2 tickets extra), 100 NOK – 24 tickets (4 tickets extra), 200 NOK – 48 tickets (8 tickets extra)
  • 5 euro – 10 tickets, 10 euro – 20 tickets, 20 euro – 40 tickets (it’s approx. the same discounted prices in euros as in NOK. Please note that we only accept euro bills, not euro coins)

If you would like to donate either a full raffle prize, or something smaller to be included in a raffle prize with other items, please let us know:

We thank you in advance for donating and for letting us know as to prepare in time.

Please remember to have some change with you to be able to buy some raffle tickets.

Silver Jewelry Prize donated by sota48, made by her daugther in law – the set will also include a pair of earrings.

We can look forward to the following raffle prizes based on our current knowledge:

  • Marius Sweater Prize (Haugtussa)
  • Amazon 100 € voucher (travelina)
  • Oxford Raffle Prize (MissMarkey)
  • Canadian Goody Bag (bookgirrl)
  • Children’s Raffle Prize (more bookcrossers are welcome to add something to this prize) (sota48, Faizy)
  • French Raffle Prize (Krissa33)
  • Nepal Raffle Prize (ApoloniaX)
  • Sekwa Goody Bag – 10 French books translated to Swedish  (Panzeranzi)
  • Swedish Urban Fantacy Prize – the Circeln triology in Swedish language (Panzeranzi)
  • Wales Raffle Prize (Cassiopaeia)
  • Athens Raffle Prize (feltre)
  • Maithili Art Raffle Prize (ApoloniaX)
  • Florida Sunshine Goody Bag (azuki)
  • Birdhouse/nestbox in shape of a little bookshelf (approx. 35x25x22cm), custom made for the convention it’s the one shown below (Rochester74)
  • “Österreich/Salzkammergut” Goodies, including among other things a textile book  (Ghanescha)
  • Recycling Raffle Prize (ApoloniaX)
  • Jewelry Prizes – Silver Jewelry Prize (Sota48), Bookish Jewelry Prize (lunacia) – separate draws
  • Norway Prize (Jannike)
  • Knitted Goodies (LeishaCamden/travelina/MLA/over-the-moon) – will be devided into several draws of prizes
  • Handknitted Cardigan Prize  (LeishaCamden)
  • P.D. James Talking about Detective Fiction (signed copy) (sota48/sota48 sister)
  • Postcrossing Prize (LeishaCamden) – for more information about postcrossing, see: www.postcrossing.com
  • Brazilian Raffle Prize (MÉDICOSALEGRETE)
Birdhouse/nestbox in shape of a little bookshelf (approx. 35x25x22cm), donated by Rochester74.

If you want to add something to one of the raffle prizes that are already on the list, contact the bookcrosser in charge of the prize (bookcrossing name is shown behind the prize) to tell you want to add something.100 NOK – 24 tickets (4 tickets extra)

Sightseeing on Thursday

We will have a special tour on Thursday for early arrivals.  Maximum number of participants: 45

On this tour we will start at 9:30 on Thursday 20th April. Meet at pier 3 by the city hall (Rådhusbrygge 3):

After the introduction, there will be a 10 minutes ferry trip from the city center to the Bygdøy peninsula.

At Bygdøy peninsula we will visit:

In between the museum visits we will have lunch (not included in the price of the tour).

We recommend you wear sensible walking shoes.

All entries to museums during the tour and the ferry ride to and from Bygdøy are included in the price of the tour. Lunch is not included. Make sure you keep your ticket to the Viking Ship Museum if you want to use the opportunity to vist the Historical Museum in the city center for free within 48 hours.

Expected return from the sightseeing is 17:00 – 17:30 in front of the City Hall.



Siri Pettersen – our second guest author

We are very pleased to announce our second guest author, Siri Pettersen. She will be interviewed by bookcrosser and committee member Leicha Camden. Siri is a Norwegian author, who has also worked as an Art Director for many years. She has written the fantasy trilogy The Raven Rings (Ravneringene), also illustrating the covers of the three books.

Siri is from Finnsnes, a small town in the land of the northern light and midnight sun (north of Norway), but currently lives in Oslo. She describes herself as a lifelong escapist, designer, illustrator, comic creator, webdesigner and writer. She won The Fabel Award 2014, Norwegian Bookseller’s scholarship 2015 (Norway), and the first book, Odin’s Child, was selected to represent Norway on the 2016 IBBY Honour List.

Siri and the crow. Photo: Lars Myhren Holand
Siri and the crow. Photo: Lars Myhren Holand

Her books have been translated to Swedish, Finish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil) and Italian, is about to be translated to Estonian, and we truly believe it is just a matter of time before they get translated to English.

The Raven Rings trilogy has become very popular. Although normally presented as youth literature, she has readers of all ages. Some more dedicated than others, as you will learn more about at the convention. She also keeps actively in touch with her fans in social media.

Books by Siri Pettersen

2013 – Odin’s Child (Odinsbarn)
2014 – The Rot (Råta)
2015 – The Might (Evna)

To get to know Siri Pettersen a little better, take a look at:

Author presentation at grandagency.se



First Newsletter for BookCrossing Convention Oslo

We have copied this great idea from the organizers of the UK conventions/unconventions, and will issue newsletters for the BookCrossing Convention in Oslo on a monthly basis – or more often if needed – to inform and remind you of this and that.

Many bookcrossers have decided to put their skis on, to slide right down to Oslo in April 2017!

We are now 103 participants (including 5 children) from 15 countries.

You can now sign up for the Early Arrivals dinner at Heim St.Hanshaugen on Thursday

The convention team has made some slight changes to the detailed schedule in September-November.

  • We have cancelled the Harry Hole Guided Walk on Sunday due to limited interest for this option, and a requirement for minimum participants, please register for the Harry Hole Guided Walk on Friday if you want to walk in Harry Holes footsteps.
  • We have included an Early Arrivals dinner at Heim St.Hanshaugen on Thursday.  There are 30 spots at 19:00 and 30 spots at 20:30. Remember to sign up if you want to join the dinner.

You can find the updated schedule here: bcoslo.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/schedule/

Bookplates are ready to be ordered in the supply store at bookcrossing.com


A very special bookplate has been designed for the International Anniversary Convention 2017 in Norway. Check it out and order in the Supply Store at www.bookcrossing.com (among the featured bookplates). It is available in English and Norwegian version.

Would you like to come extra early and experience the Norwegian way of celebrating Easter?

wp_20160210_07_48_13_proGoing to the mountains for Easter is a typically Norwegian thing to do. Travelina is arranging a Norwegian Easter tour to a place in the mountains called Gaustablikk from Wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th until Monday 17th April (last part of Easter holidays) travelina with Norwegian friends and bookcrossers MissMarkey, Molyneux and Lesenmachtfroh are going to a place in the Norwegian mountains called Gaustablikk. You don’t have to ski to come with us. Would you like to join? Read more at www.bookcrossing.com/forum/22/534520/8826886

Payment for the convention and extras

Except for a couple of persons who just signed up for the convention, everyone on the attendees list as of 30th November 2016 have also paid for everything. Thank you so much! We will do our best to give good value for your money:-)

Some information about payment for those of you that will sign up later:

We appreciate that you pay for everything (convention ticket, sightseeing events, T-shirts) in one sum to reduce the fees you and we have to pay to the banks/paypal. Therefore, first please consider everything you want to join that require upfront payment, then pay. If you are a family or group, we appreciate that you pay together, if possible.

You can see what you can book, and what you have booked, that require upfront payment here – and the prices:

Example if you book everything for one person, and have registered after 31st October 2016:

Convention Ticket NOK 550
T-shirt NOK 100
Sightseeing on Thursday
(for children under 16 years and seniors from 67 years of age the price is NOK 180)
NOK 350
Harry Hole Guided Walk
(for children under 18 years the price is NOK 100)
NOK 200
Ibsen Museum
(for children under 18 years the price is NOK 30)
NOK 75
Total NOK1275

Feel free to contact us at https://bcoslo.wordpress.com/—/contact-us/ if you want to check your calculations before you pay.

Early Arrivals mingling and dinner on Thursday

Between 17:00 and 19:00(*) there will be Early Arrivals mingling and helping out at the Venue at Markus Menighetshus, Schwensens gate 15, St. Hanshaugen for those that are interested. It will also be possible to deposit books for the book buffet.

(*) If you come directly to dinner at Heim St. Hanshaugen, we can also arrange to go by the venue to drop of books.

Dinner at Heim St. Hanshaugen

Thursday evening at 19:00 there will be dinner at Heim St. Hanshaugen for Early Arrivals. The address is Collets gate 33, and it is a five minutes walk from our venue.  We have also put up a second time slot at 20:30 in case people are arriving late, or prefer a longer break between the sightseeing and meeting up for dinner. Expected return from the sightseeing is 17:00 – 17:30 in front of the City Hall.

Heim is a gastropub. The menu changes according to season. There will be both meat, fish and vegetarian dishes on the menu. You can take a look at the current menu here to get an idea (choose “Se menyen”, and you will see the menu in both Norwegian and English).


To get to the venue and the restaurant by public transportation

To find the most efficient way to get somewhere by public transportation in Oslo and surrounding, search at https://ruter.no/en/

To go to the venue, use the address Schwensens gate 15 (Oslo). To go to Heim St.Hanshaugen, use the address Collets gate 33 (Oslo).